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Pollinate TBM

Pollinate TBM is a volunteer-led initiative with a dual mission to 1) take action in support of and 2) raise awareness of Ontario’s native pollinators. Our projects and initiatives are aimed at focusing the collective energy and resources of community members to improve native habitats and their stewardship in the Town of The Blue Mountains and the broader region.

To date, we have placed pollinator gardens across the community in canoes and gardens, linking residents, schools, organizations, businesses and the Town of The Blue Mountains as partners in sustainable action and habitat stewardship.


As a community, the Town recognizes the climate crisis and we benefit from the important work being done by a variety of environmental sustainability organizations.

In addition, Pollinate TBM is raising awareness of our responsibility in environmental

stewardship to support pollinators,

native plants of Ontario and ecosystems

through the creation of educational opportunities and community events.

We were recently mentioned in an article in Mountain Life magazine: Click here

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