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Here are some additional resources to help you get started or continue to develop your pollinator garden!

Gardening for Butterflies - Tips for creating a butterfly garden. Helpful list matching butterfly and moth species to caterpillar food and nectar plants. (Canadian Wildlife Federation)

Plants for Black Swallowtails - Description of the Black Swallowtail lifecycle and which plants help them grow from caterpillars to adult butterflies. (Kids Gardening, Vermont, USA)

Preparing a New Pollinator Patch - Ideas on how to start a flower bed from scratch. (Blooming Boulevards, Mississauga, ON)   

Removing Sod to prepare your pollinator garden  Video from Blooming Boulevards, Mississauga, ON

Suppliers of Ontario native plants

Lacewing plants and Seedlings 

eARTh Revival

Not so Hollow Farms


Dark Skies 

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