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Strategic Priorities

Pollinate TBM has four strategic policies under which determine the direction and tasks for each year.

    1. Community Outreach and Education: our focus is to support the community, raise awareness
        and educate residents on the benefits and need for pollinator gardens. In 2023 we will continue
        to work with the Beaver Valley Community School, the L.E. Shore Public Library and The Town
        of the Blue Mountains to enhance and expand existing pollinator gardens.

    2. Habitat Stewardship: our focus is to improve the local environment throughout the Town of the
        Blue Mountains for our native pollinators. We will continue to develop the Arthur Street
        Pollinator and Council Beach gardens as well as increase the number of canoe gardens
        throughout the town.

    3. Municipal Policy: we support the Town of the Blue Mountains goal of community wellbeing and
        sustainability by enhancing the character of the Town, supporting the expansion of the Town’s
        Butterflyway. We support the development of local practices and policies to enrich the area
        with a pollinator diverse habitat.

     4. Governance and Development: our goal is to continue to develop our organizational structure
         in a manner that ensures organizational sustainability and ensures accountability to the
         individuals and groups that support our efforts.

Pollinator Presentations, Advice and Gardens
Members of Pollinate TBM are available for pollinator friendly presentations by request. Pollinate TBM
will support residents seeking to create their own pollinator gardens by providing advice, info and
sharing resources. Design and installation of pollinator gardens is limited to public spaces.


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