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We are a community-led initiative that is taking action to improve native pollinator habitat in our small section of the world – Town of The Blue Mountains, Ontario, Canada. Locally, our team encourages residents to build habitats on their properties, provides resources that are informative and inspiring, and collaborates with municipal leaders to expand our reach beyond residential properties.


Native pollinator populations are declining across the globe, so our team is tackling this by building the capacity of other local groups to take action in their communities. We share our expertise through talks and presentations, connect people to others in their community, and are building a Pollinate Network, to share the advances in other communities. Join the discussion on Instagram!


We are so excited by the extraordinary work being done by volunteers and supporters across our town. Students are building habitat in their schoolyards, residents are incorporating more native plants on their properties, and business owners are sharing their space with us.


The success of these projects is only possible with the hard work of our community!

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